Paul's Poem 1



at times 

times at 
quiver and dribbie. 
very good at scrabble. 

times non speakable 

perhaps irredeemable 
never reducible 
at times able 
to spin yarn 
or tell a fable 

at times 
someone nice 
to have at your table.




Yes always puzzeled
Givien a rubic cube
as if recieving a slippery box
showered in super glue
with no solvent.
I have one
all white faces
only one black
I watched intelligent people
frustrating themselves
to create harmony.




Meeting a man 
Driftwood Stones
Blue green pictures unpainted

Wash Wash
Looking about
Splish Splish
All those sounds
Walking without a noise

A pier
my peer
my friend
We are splashing
Tracks never trod
by others before
in thought

A pier
a log beside
white grey
Splish Splash
washing against
a man
from a dentists chair

It's a whale
she's alive
Leave her alone.




When we're dead and gone, where should we go ? Six feet under or shine above.
Decay or display. Always shine above to dazzle beyond. Therefore cremation is the way to go, you'll have a workable material above ground. For future reference I'll call these cremains Some of the following ideas are not original yet interspersed with Paul dust.
Hunter S Thompson had his cremains blasted from a canon, a very HST GONZO idea.
Timothy Leahry and others have had lipstick sized capsules fired into an earth orbit filled with a portion of their cremains to cruise around the planet for about three years, then crash and burn as a falling star.
Let's face it, we're all carbon based. The potential of any graphite shape is only measured by your imagination. You could be a fishing rod, go fishing with your friends.
Part of a race car or space shuttle, see and do things you may not of done before.
Then again you could have your cremains compressed into Diamonds (evidentially the average human cremains can make up to 50 small diamonds. Hey. Look I'm wearing Grandma! Of course you can have cremains granulated and form a Japanese garden like Ryoangi, rake it every day and play with Grandad.

How far does your imagination go? Ideas please.