Paul's Poem 2




Some years ago on my first day upon a new school I met a new girl. Pretty in a way that only young hormone driven males can appreciate. She noticed me and she asked if I was the new boy. Yeah, I said desperately trying to think of something to say. Trying to redeem myself I answered Paul. Well see ya round , I'm off to the library.
Flopping like a blind bat with twisted macrame wired into my software I sat. There she was again. How was the library I asked when she replied "What" walking away.
Confused, not even a confused reply. I walked to the classroom felling I'd missed something .
And there she was again. New boy in the class, only one seat available . I looked to another . None available. Sit down. Relax. Don't panic. What am I thinking. Don't panic, sounds like something from a Douglas Adams' guide to shock.
She smiles. She smiles again. She's on my left. I look to the right . There she is again.
I'm thinking of getting my contacts checked. Maybe they have some cognitive memory of things seen before (there's probably a french phrase for that ) Maybe it's me. Maybe I need to see a psychoanalyst, maybe a psychoanalyst needs me. Maybe I need to see my optician. Maybe I need new eyes. Double vision I'm telling myself, trying not to panic.
Don't look left, don't look right. Naturally I look in both directions. This is scary. Schizophrenia, definitely.
Just look to the front
The front. There's Dr. Doppelganger. A guy we'd knick named Double D Dartboard because of an obvious stutter when confronted with two words starting with D. Once I asked if he'd read my " HAIKU " to the class because I trusted his eloquence more than my own. The haiku read as follows
What followed was a pneumatic delivery resembling the sad tunes of a frustrated machine gun.

This was the first time that I'd ever heard identical laughter in stereo. I looked left, I looked right. And then in every direction I could find. After calming down I looked to the left and right in a schoolboy glance.
God has put me on this planet for two reasons. One is on my left and the other is on my right.

Peas in a pod. A double small pod.An almost singular pod. Two peas in reflection. Yet I could never call them; Uno , Ichi, One or Only. I loved them both.I thought about North/South, Horizontal/Vertical, Cup of tea/ Cup of coffee, town or country. Nothing fit so I called them YIN and YANG.

Some years were to pass before I was confronted by Justine and Yvonne again. As I walked down to a nude beach in Sydney. Two beautiful women. One facing East , one facing West. Still peas in a pod.
Hi you two I say . Lot's giggling and laughter, mainly on my behalf. I'm laughing, trying not to giggle Trying not to look at things only dreamed about. They're still identical.

It wasn't until some time later that I caught the difference. When Justine made love she would talk into my left ear. When Yvonne made love she would talk into both of my ears. 
After that it was always MONO & STEREO.


In regards to the late Dr. Doppelganger , mean spirited juvenile behavior may have led to his timely demise. It is said that before the class fiasco regarding canines he could previously introduce himself as Dr. Doppelganger in the best of company, but was later giving a personal introduction that sounded like an AK47 jammed after two shots.